Cloud Computing: Transformation


Improving the operational efficiency of existing operations is openers. But the more important step is how cloud computing will reshape and transform the industry – both for consumers and producers. This book covers both sides of the equation.

Cloud Computing Transformation is the third class of a three class set in the Cloud Computing Trilogy, based on Dr. Timothy Chou's Stanford University CS309A class, numerous keynote speeches and several enterprise workshops. The CS309A course was rated one of the top eight classes for continuing education on cloud computing by InformationWeek.

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Each chapter includes:

  • Video/audio of Dr Chou giving a 10-18 minute lecture
  • Text so you can read the chapter's material
  • Slide images, so you can teach others
  • 10 question quiz

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Upon passing each quiz in the class, you will receive a certification of completion both in PDF format, as well as a the ability to post on your Linkedin Profile.

Example Reviews

"Love the innovative approach to sharing best practices and tangible examples...will be a great asset as we rapidly move to cloud based solutions and business models...very cool book..."

- Evren Eryurek, CTO, GE Healthcare Software

"It’s monumental…awesome…also love the format - it's way cool"

- Toby Redshaw, former CIO American Express

"It should be required reading for our entire sales organization."

- Dennis Walczak, Enterprise Account Executive, Box

"I took Dr. Chou's class and these books both enable me to review fundamental concepts, but also go far beyond what we had time to do in class."

- Russell Kaplan, Stanford CS Student

"These books are an outstanding way for us to bring one of the best lecturers on cloud computing to Africa"

- Bruce Krogh, Director, Carnegie Mellon University-Africa

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Class Contents

Cloud Computing: Transformation

  • Number of Chapters: 9
  • Watch: 2 hrs and 22 mins of combined video
  • Read: 19,729 words in total
  • Pictures: 168 pictures from the book you can use to discuss

Table of Contents

Chapter Title Description
1. Introduction Introduction to the cloud computing transformation cloudbook.
2. Data Center Cloud Services Data centers are expensive and full of technology, but location and cost of power will not be enough. The chapter discusses differentiation based on quality of service, e.g. security as well as moving up the value chain.
3. Network Cloud Service The network is the original cloud service. But as with everything in technology, you need to move up the value chain to create margin and growth. This chapter focuses on some of the key areas for both the cloud service provider and the channel that sells those services.
4. Compute and Storage Hardware companies will be forced to change as the enterprise purchases hardware as a service and not directly for their data centers. This has big implications for the hardware channel which today moves $100B+ of gear.
5. Software (ISV) Transformation Many traditional software companies have made the transition to a Model 4,5 or 6 business (See the first book: Fundamentals for more information). But for those who have not made the transition, this chapter highlights the key issues ISVs will have to address in four major areas.
6. Software (ISV) Distribution Traditional ISVs have made money deploying hardware and managing the ISV software. As the ISVs move to managing their own software in the cloud there are serious implications to the ISV channel. This chapter discusses what do next.
7. Cities The last three chapters are focused by industry and discuss the implications of using cloud technology to become the service company of the future. We use public safety since it’s an area many of us are familiar with, and the patterns developed here can be used in any industry.
8. High Tech Last generation architects were concerned with instruction sets, RAID configurations and firewalls. This generation of architects will not be focused on boxes, but services; not on just technology, but economics and not thinking horizontally but vertically. The previous Sun Microsystems’ tagline “The Network is the Computer”, could not be truer.
9. Healthcare No other single industry is more poised to take advantage of cloud computing than healthcare. With new data sources emerging such as wearables and gene sequencers, along with the increasing cost of delivering healthcare, its pertinent we consider how technology can transform this business.

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