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The promise of the Internet of Things isn't delivered by connected devices or machines. The promise is in the data that they generate and the insight that can be mined from it. Dr. Chou's IoT Framework presents an excellent roadmap for enterprises struggling to transition the IoT promise to realized value.

Dr. James Goodnight, CEO, SAS

Precision is an accurate, insightful presentation of the complex challenges facing data scientists, technologists and businesspeople who are solving some of the world's biggest operational challenges through the Internet of Things, machine-generated big data and machine learning. If you want to go beyond the hype and really understand what the Internet of Things is today, what it could become tomorrow, and how you can gain value from it, Precision should be in your library.

Godfrey Sullivan, Chairman, Splunk

A glimpse into how modern technology will affect methods of doing business today, tomorrow and for future generations. This is a must read informative guide for anyone who is truly connected. Read it. Read all of it.

Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO, AGCO

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Cloud Computing Trilogy Reviews

Example Cloud Computing Trilogy Reviews

"Love the innovative approach to sharing best practices and tangible examples...will be a great asset as we rapidly move to cloud based solutions and business models...very cool book..."

- Evren Eryurek, CTO, GE Healthcare Software

"It’s monumental…awesome…also love the format - it's way cool"

- Toby Redshaw, former CIO American Express

"It should be required reading for our entire sales organization."

- Dennis Walczak, Enterprise Account Executive, Box

"I took Dr. Chou's class and these books both enable me to review fundamental concepts, but also go far beyond what we had time to do in class."

- Russell Kaplan, Stanford CS Student

"These books are an outstanding way for us to bring one of the best lecturers on cloud computing to Africa"

- Bruce Krogh, Director, Carnegie Mellon University-Africa

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